Happy Hollow U-Pick
Located One Mile North of the Quad City Downs in Rural, East Moline, Illinois
Happy Hollow U Pick is a "U Pick" Farm.
We opened our fields for our first growing
season in the spring of 1995 and have been
growing ever  since.

Thank you to all of our regular customers who
give us advise and praise. And to those who
have helped us choose fruits and vegetables
that our customers want.

There are a few Fruits and Vegetables that we
pick ourselves . Those are:  Asparagus,
Rhubarb, Sweet Corn, Sweet Potatoes, Onions,
Watermelon, and Cantaloupe.

We are here for those people who are serious
about picking the freshest fruits and vegetables

Our season starts on May 1 of every year and
ends on October 31.
May:Asparagus Hours
June-Mon thru sat. 8:30 -5:00
Depending on crops
July. Aug. Sept/
Mon., - Fri.,

Saturday 8:30-5:00
Closed Sept 2,3&4 for Private Event

r Sundays - 12:00-5:00

**You must be in the door by 4:15
in order to pick your veggies.  This
is not negotiable.

Please be aware that this is a
working farm. In order to keep the
field clean and manage the crops,
we need time to work in the fields
while customers are not present.
Thank you for understanding. **
Farmer's Markets

Moline: Trinity 7th Street, Hospital Parking Lot
8:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.
JC's Produce****

**** Markets that we are now attending or
have produce being sold by another vendor.
School Pumpkin Tours
We are very sorry, but we will not be
able to do any Tours this year. We don't
have the feed for the animals due to
several crop failures. Hopefully 2018
will be better.
We do accept Illinois WIC and Senior Farmer's Market Checks at the Farm. The first day to use the coupons is July 10.
The last day to use your coupons is October 31,2017.
** This is a working farm.
We supply  NO ENTERTAINMENT during the year except for the joy of picking your own fruits and vegetables.
Our address: 17325 20th Avenue North; East Moline, IL

We have lost our Black
Raspberry Crop and Red
Raspberry Crop this year.
We will try to renovate what
did make it and add some
new plants next year.

No reds or Black
Raspberries for the 2017
Growing Season.
Please check
our '
Available Now' page for a list
of vegatables that will be available.
Thank you!
There will be no June
Strawberries this year.
Later in the year, we will
have some Everbearing
Strawberries available.

**We will be Closed on
September 2,3 and 4 for
a Private Event.
There will be no picking
of any kind on these
days.No appointments